Sanni Kruger

Sanni Kruger is our expert for medicine and pharma as well as financial reporting. She settled in the UK in 1981 after two years voluntary service in Kenya, East Africa and is now a British citizen.

With both German and English nursing qualifications and professional experience, she is familiar with the terminology in either language.

Sanni moved on from nursing into the voluntary sector where she had a long career in professional fundraising, administration and accounting. She gained the Certificate of Accounting at the Open University in the UK, and also completed a specialist CPD course “German Financial Reporting for Translators” at City University, London.

Sanni loves travelling, good food and cooking. She therefore also likes translating for the tourism and hospitality sector.

During the winter months, Sanni follows Biathlon (cross country skiing and shooting). She is generally interested in sport and loves to swim.

Sanni is a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (AITI) and the following ITI networks:

  • ITI Medical & Pharmaceutical Network
  • ITI Law, Insurance & Finance Network
  • ITI German Network
  • ITI Western Regional Group